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    Clarity nods at Zetaya and thanks her.
    "We have quite a bit to do today," she smirks and holds up a finger, "One, we get all of our reward money split between us, two (another finger), we check the quest board to see if our previous quest interests were completed and obtain new ones, three (you get the idea), we go shopping for new supplies and equipment, four (her uncle must have been The Count), we assist our new companions and Airmid with their problems, and last (she holds up her thumb and pauses), well this one's still debatable but if I'm feeling good about the rest of it I might even pay off my fine."
    Clarity lowers her hand, mixes the rest of her milk with her tea before downing it, and stands up.
    "Ahem, but ... 'Abulations' first." Clarity declares before heading off to the lavatory.
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