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uh.. No that is not at all what I was saying.

What I was trying to get across is NOT that people have different expectations.

it is that YOU are giving achievements but no reward. Also, that you think the two are one in the same.

Example: Somebody has a old '65 mustang they are restoring. they finish restoration (the sense of achievement) but every time there is completion somebody comes over takes the wheels off and smashes it a few times with a sledgehammer. Now they have to do the whole thing over again (no sense of reward)

They work hard to succeed and are getting that sense of achievement from completing it. But you deny them a chance to enjoy that instead they have to struggle all over again the next day because you read "80% of resources" and rigidly stick to that with no room for lee way or to let the players have a chance to relax.
Ok, I don't think I follow then.

Are you saying that "reward = easier game"? So that the standard "game level" model of increasing challenge over time should be inverted?

I don't follow your smashed car analogy at all; they got XP and treasure from their previous encounter, their characters are more powerful and influential, and whatever story line changes they made to the world in the process of it remain (towns stay saved, princesses remain rescued, evil overlords remain overthrown, etc.).

Now, true, there will always be more adventures; but that doesn't really hold up to your "smashed car" analogy, its more like finishing one car and then deciding to start work on another car because you enjoy restoring cars.

Edit: Also, reading your post again, something occurred to me. Are you under the impression that I don't give the players downtime between adventures?