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    Default Re: Girl Genius XXVI: Madness is the best possible response

    Quote Originally Posted by Deliverance View Post
    I just love the drawing in panel 8 of Agatha struggling mightily with herself not to punch Martellus in the face, while at the same time Martellus looks to have resolved himself to being punched in the face. That's some top notch expressive drawing there.
    I think that might've been more of a "I'll kill you last" hmm than a "I'd better show some restraint to this fellow who just helped save my life".

    The weird thing, to me at least, is that his smile might be very smug but it doesn't look especially villainous. I definitely would have expected a lot more gloating if he -had- taken the opportunity to poison her. Maybe he's joining Team Heterodyne as one of the heroes?

    I mean, imagine if he -didn't- poison her. That must've been some kiss to knock Lu out of god mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    She blasted the storm king at least once for huge damage, and had her minions give him a bit of a beat down, and since she never made him stronger like martellus did, I think that puts her one up on usefulness in the battle. Her minions at least did some damage that fight, martellus just got his instagibbed and turned into zombies.
    The one shot Agatha took was much more effective than all the stuff Martellus was trying, and her minions didn't get zombified like his did, but I think that might just highlight the difference in caliber of their abilities. The fact remains that he was at least trying to fight, and she was perfectly happy to sit back and watch until the storm king was already missing limbs.

    Going back and looking through that again, I think it's an awesome little detail that Tybalt's armor is red in Paris, just like Martellus promised him in the Corbetite depot.
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