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    197.) Lava Lamp of Good Ideas (5e) (Requires Attunement)

    This conical glass vessel is filled with colored fluid and glowing wax. As an action, the user may speak a command word to turn it on, causing it to emit Light, as per the spell. This lasts until turned off.

    While attuned, the Lamp has a number of charges equal to your INT bonus +1. While the lamp has been on for at least an hour consecutively (You can tell by when it looks coolest), you can, after gazing into the Lamp for 1 minute, spend a charge to cast Divination. When cast in this way, the spell obliges the DM to give the player something that more or less qualifies as a good idea given the current circumstances surrounding their query. For every cast after the first, there is a static 25% chance that the DM must instead call a random friend and ask them instead, using their first logical response as the answer.

    Alternatively, the user may spend a charge to cast Augury after gazing for 1 minute. When cast in this way, the user must ask the Lamp a question in the format of "Is (X) a good idea?" The Lamp responds telepathically with:

    "Sure thing, dude!" If the outcome is mostly positive.

    "You are straight up not gonna have a good time, dude." If the outcome is mostly negative.

    "Hang ten dude, it's gonna be a wild ride!" If the outcome is both positive and negative.

    "Dude, bo-ring." If the outcome is neither positive nor negative.

    Every time a charge is spent, the wax and fluid each change colors according to a roll on the below chart:

    1d6 Color
    1 Red
    2 Orange
    3 Yellow
    4 Green
    5 Blue
    6 Violet

    Moderate Divination; CL 10; Craft Wondrous Item, Divination, Augury, Must be intoxicated while crafting; Price: 1337gp and must beat the seller 2 out of 3 at either: Arm Wrestling (Str), Surfing (Dex), Drinking (Con), Stoned Painting (Int), Three-Card Monte (Wis), or Rap-battling (Cha). Alternatively, beat them once at two contests simultaneously.
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