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I'm going to guess that it is Nvidia that is updating your drivers, not Windows. For point of refernce, I just checked my video card drivers (AMD) and they were out of date by about 8 months (maybe not exactly since they don't update every month, I think the newest one when I installed the card were about 2-3 months old). But the AMD utility that updates the drivers I don't have auto-loading.
Don't think so - double checked, and NVIDIA Experience speciafilly has a setting which says "automatically download drivers and let me choose to install them" and that's unchecked - so it doesn't download or install anything on its own - and given that it's always been "notification" and not automatic install, it seems less likely that's the culprit. Seems to only happen (or be discovered after) Windows 10 does an update.

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Windows only forces the Windows updates, but that is because after decades of user data, they know if they don't force updates there are always large groups of people getting viruses exploiting vulnerabilities that were patched out years ago but that they never applied those patches.
Which is all fine and dandy until they release a patch that borks a load of their user-base.

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As for the nVidia driver, it won't update on it's own (though Win 10 might force it). You should be able to find a supported drivers list on your CAD package's website that gives you a few versions to chose from. Though you probably already know that and have the best one set.
IMSI are not really all that concerned with supporting the version that isn't this year's. (And we stayed with version 21 after trying 2016, because they were like "we've decided to take this rendered out unless you pay an extra 40, so all your materials will have to be re-done from scratch" and I was like "I have hundreds of models, frack off." Purportedly I'm told that rendered is back in the main release since, but I'm not in a big hurry to fork out for it for no good reason - especially not outside their sale period when they do a new version release...)


Actually, IMSI DON'T appear to have a list of supported drivers anywhere for TurboCAD that I can find.

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Are you sure this is the driver updating itself, or is it some setting buried deep inside which is getting changed and which a driver reinstall resets back to default?
If it it, there'd be no way to find it, but GeForce experience itself doesn't seem to work that way.

Looks like the answer would appear to be "no," and I'll have to live with it. Whelp, thanks folks, it was worth a shot.