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    Quote Originally Posted by RatElemental View Post
    Vow of Veganism: A Vegan has vowed to uphold their vegan lifestyle. Should a vegan ever consume milk, honey, eggs, meat or wear leather, or any other food or clothing made from or derived from animals, then 3 rounds after the offense occurs two Vegan Police will appear before them. The Vegan police are near godlike beings, and will strike the vegan with a de-veganizing ray, stripping them of all manifesting powers
    Wait! Don't I get three strikes?!

    Quote Originally Posted by RatElemental View Post
    Level 5 Vegan: A Vegan who makes it this far has proven their dedication to veganism. The Vegan police now afford them two strikes before appearing on the third.
    I don't think Todd was a high level vegan. He was 24yo and had recently graduated from Vegan College. Anyway, consider giving this capstone earlier.

    Overall I think the class is really really strong. You can get 5th level powers at ECL8, which don't make sense, since 5th level powers cost 9pp, which means a minimin CL of 9.

    Honestly, I'd scrap this separate psionic progression and simply say "+1 level of existing manifesting class" at every level, while maintaining the caveat of Power Within and Power Without to restrict disciplines
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