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    Outnumbered by 3-1 the Malachord faced down stun rays and photon blades, all the wonders of modern weapons technology failed to so much as slow down the raging rock monster, it turns out what you really needed in these situations was good old-fashioned fisty cuffs and John's left hook sent the alien reeling.

    "That all you got?!" He bellowed, lashing out with an enormous stony mitt in the Commander's direction.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Move: Staggered
    Standard: Attack John (1d20+10)[21] DC25 Toughness & DC20 Strength/Defence vs Grab if that hits Hits


    Once he'd gathered up the papers Graff hurried outside and animatedly gestured to the natives, flashing the papers at them as he explained the situation as best he could in his pidgin tongue. A few minutes later and the pair were off heading towards the dig site and the Professor decided that it was as good a time as any to try and explain the situation.

    "It's very simple really, the Malachord's might have a certain reputation for brutishness, but they are by no means dim, once they realised that the structure at the dig site was Precursor in origin they thought that whatever we found would be able to help them in their struggle. Which is where the natives come in, as far as I have been able to work out, they believe the Precursors to be gods and like me they believe that nobody should have what lies within the temple. Once the Malachord's began to make threats what else could I do but throw my lot in with them?"
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