Rachel's journey is relatively uneventful for a time; most minor creatures make way for her and her cargo as the two scan the landscape for oddities and enemies. The only unusual thing found away from the mountain is the occasional flash of light in the sky, but the cause is too distant to be identified at a glance. There is, however, a common pattern to the flashes, even if the golden light does not appear in the same place: every 6 seconds, like clockwork.

"You should not be here." Five harsh voices shout in unison, even before they appear in the air nearly a hundred meters away. "Impertinent mortals. You will suffer for this intrusion." Five Horned Devils appear clustered together ahead of Rachel, snapping into place in the air suddenly as if by teleportation.

Near Zindar and the rest of the team that remained earthbound another team of Horned Devils appear in an exceptionally similar way; just shy of a hundred meters away, all clustered together, and all exceptionally angry at this intrusion.

"Guardians of the Repentant! KILL! Take no prisoners! A fiend at the back of both groups yell simultaneously.