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You're being way too restrictive. You want an amateur blog on future technologies that updates frequently that is well-known enough for someone to recommend to you. That just isn't going to happen, dude. It's like if I asked for a site that has photographs of 19th century manatees in Finland. Can such a thing exist? Maybe, but it's pretty unlikely. Would anyone on a largely D&D-based forum be able to help direct me to it? Not a chance.
Oddly enough, here's exactly what he asked for: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/

Unfortunately it only lists all used and proposed means of building a spaceship. But it certainly ticks all other requirements.

I've seen exactly one other "here's a whole list of facts on my favorite things to get writers to at least get the terminology right": it was an explanation of how guns work/how to shoot a gun for writers (I'd assume mainly mystery writers, but any modern action writing would benefit as well). (no idea if it is still there, it was occasionally referenced in rec.arts.sf-lovers dreaded gnu threads). I doubt you will get any other sites, although the book "Soonish" is almost certainly what you are asking for.