Spoiler: Senses
Perception: +28 ;|;
Senses: Tremorsense (60 feet), Darkvision (60 feet),
Spoiler: Defences
Armour Class: 46, Touch 34, FF 28, CMD 52
Smoke, Kobold Sniper
Level 20 Bushwacker Spacemarine Gunslinger, Scholar, Technician| Hit Points: 220/220 | Spell Points: 25/25 | Grit: 5/5 | Stamina: 21 | Gadgets 15/15 | Charge 25/25

"Strange game. " the kobold replies back in the radio. "I almost fell for its believably, why would they put a mob that tries to talk to you.. Is this a cutscene? Are we in some sort of interactive cut scene? " The kobold wondered for a moment, before turning to speak to the cloud of imps. "Beast! Who are you and what does your daddy do?!"