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    "Your old home?" Trill asks, and closes her eyes and takes a breath, before following Zo, and is in turn followed by Nodoa.

    "Zo, I believe I know what this place is. I think it is one of the training temples that the Jedi used to send their students to face trials... and if the student failed badly enough, the master would pay for it with his life, too. Speaking of whom, that explains the mummy in the antechamber."

    Trill holds onto her flashlight, but turns the light off.

    "Pretty sure none of us presently have masters, though," she adds, glancing back at Nodoa, who is curious, but a bit nonplussed by the cryptic nature of the choice.

    First Zo, then, Trill, then Nodoa step across the threshold, and the door closes behind them to reveal the solid metal wall of the ship's outer hull. They are in the storage compartment. A hatchway connects to the escape pods. Another hatchway connects to the main crew quarters, and a third to the central corridor that connects the rest of the ship. All three of the hatchways are closed, preventing any view of what would be going on elsewhere on the ship, but their command consoles appear functional and they all have power, so presumably they could be opened. As of the moment, nobody is in the storage room, apart from Zo and his two companions. The storage crates are also closed, but Zo knows that they mostly contain food, spare parts, and other commodities, although one of them has spare weapons in case they are needed.

    Then, suddenly, there is a shuddering through the ship. It feels suspiciously like what happened when the clone troopers boarded Zo's childhood home, all those years ago.
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