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    Alright I'm still flipping through the rules, but being d6 it's been pretty easy to pick up so far :) I was going to wait till after work to do his backstory but it came to me fairly quickly, so below should be my completed character. Peruse it at your leisure and just let me know if I may have forgotten something.

    Spoiler: My Character Sheet
    Spoiler: Character Image
    Name: 'Chuck' Sherwood Charles Augustine
    Genotype: Standard Human (Native American decent)
    Strength: 3 Agility: 2 Mind: 0 Appeal: 0
    Initiative: 1 Melee: 2 Ranged: 0 Defense: 1
    Wrestler: 2 Metal Worker: 1 Laborer: 1 Soldier: 0
    Spoiler: Career Descriptions
    Spoiler: Wrestler
    Quick and agile on your feet, yet strong and controlling. You are a wrestler; someone who has trained for years in techniques to take down their opponents through brute force and tactics. You also might revel in the cheers of the crowd around you. You are fast and reactive, a grappling expert; you can add your rank to your Initiative, and could receive a combat bonus towards restraining people at GM's discretion.
    Spoiler: Metal Worker
    As a metal worker you are skilled in heating and shaping metal to their whim. Depending on the medium you have you can craft many different metal objects or even weld metal together. With a metal lathe you sculpt many small mechanical parts, piping, firearm barrels, and more out of not just metal, but wood as well. With enough heat put to metal, you can bend and shape it to create many other items such as weapons, robot armor, and various tools like hammers. You however lack the skill to build more complex machinery and wiring. Essentially he's the guy you see randomly around the vault who's welding the walls back together.
    Spoiler: Laborer
    A laborer often does a large range of odd jobs here and there, many of which are seasonal or temporary. Laborers are generally skilled in heavy lifting, intimidation, carousing, and hard labor. You get paid the minimal amount for your work as they are usually unskilled jobs. Being low on the totem pole could give you bonus Appeal when dealing with the Lower Class of citizens at the GM's discretion.
    Spoiler: Soldier
    Whereas many Soldiers are skilled with ranged weapons, you have trained with melee weapons most your career. Not that you lack a good eye, just that you favor confronting your targets more head on and close quarters. All Soldiers are trained in interrogation, basic combat tactics, survival equipment and strategies. Soldiers who survive a few battles might find themselves promoted (rank 3+)
    Boons: Giant Strength, Strength Feat, Brawl
    Flaws: Can't Lie, Hot-Headed
    Lifeblood: 13
    Hero Points: 5
    Equipment: ballistic vest, collapsible baton, 10mm semiautomatic pistol, and two stimpaks, geiger counter, survival gear, pan flute
    Backstory: Chuck is a very honest person which can be tough with a short temper. Sometimes he says things he only means in the spur of the moment. He never cares to lie to anyone because that just starts trouble in his opinion. Trouble that he would end very quickly due to his towering stature and incredible strength. A renowned wrestler when he was younger, he is now an intimidating blockcade of the security team. Having just turned 21 he feels up to the challenge to help save the only home he's known. But that means venturing outside the vault...

    Edit: Character Sheet updated with new careers. Awaiting GM approval.
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