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    Thelia, Sarah and Gunnar exit the tent, they move towards the center of the encampment, it is almost midday and the camp is lively, a lot of people are moving and doing their own businesses. some children are playing hide and seek, some of them are playing catch me. After some minutes you arrive in the middle of a square, there is a small crowd of barbarian waiting for some announcement. Three criers are standing on crates shouting the tournament rule.

    By the will of our leader, the Mighty Amire Tuskgutter, here the rules of the tournament: there will be three trials, the trials of the hunt, the trail of the gods and the trial of tribes

    The trials of the hunt will be disputed five days from now, every team will go into the wild and hunt a beast of their choice, will of the gods, magic and strength are welcomed, the first team that will come back will win part of the prize, the last one will be eliminated from the tournament

    The trials of the gods will be to seek for divine guidance in finding an object hidden within the perimeter of the camp, strength, and magic are not welcomed in this trial, only the will of the true God, in this trial there is only a winner

    The trial of the tribe is the last man standing tribes competition, there will be an arena the last man standing is the winner, strength is not important also cunning might be a key for victory

    all of them pause for a while

    for all the participants it is not allowed to kill your competitors, the chief herself would like to see clean fight and respect for athletes

    and now whoever has a question and would like to enter the tournament can step forward

    some of the bystanders look interested, three groups step forward, some eyes are glancing in your direction
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