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The article which altered my ideas on shadowcaster
Unseelie fey sage dragonlance gnome Wizard 3/shadowcaster 3 that become shadowcaster 6 during the progression
Summer caress chosen for unseelie fey ability
If there are error in the formatting sorry but I have written this without the possibility to see in the site
Spoiler: Stats

Point buy Final stats
Strength 10(2 points) Strength 6(-4 racial)
Dexterity 15( 8points) Dexterity 19(+4 racial)
Constitution 14(6 points) Constitution 12(-2 racial)
Intelligence 16(10 points) Intelligence 18(+2 racial)
Wisdom 8(0 points) Wisdom 6(-2 racial)
Charisma 14(6 points) Charisma 16(+2racial)
The 4th level point go to dexterity

Spoiler: Personal introduction
Well where I should start for this build? From this assumption, the shadowcaster under level 7 are not good , so as ingredient for the E6 they are challenging . But even in a normal game they have problems… but I have encountered so many DM that have not read the Tome of Magic on all of his complexity and there are some tricks on the shadowcaster so I tried to make a build about these tricks.
The first trick that there is on the shadowcaster is on how they learn the mysteries. If you read at page 112 it says. “Within a category … you can only learn a mystery if you learned two mystery of a previous level...” and here I end the quote because I don’t know if I can copy all the paragraph. But the most important thing is the article that they used , that a , so they don’t have to learn two mystery of each level (except the last level of each category) but they only have to learn two mystery of the first level of that category so they could learn a level 3 mystery even if they only know one level 2 mystery. Basically it’s not necessary to learn two mystery of the previous level to learn a mystery of some level and I know that is the rule with which so many NPC shadowcaster are built but it’s not my fault if they used the wrong article .And that is important ! The next question that I posed myself when I discovered this trick was if they could learn a level 3 mystery at level 4 and I reached the conclusion that they could learn but not launch by the table (it’s quite an anomaly) but if someone want a mystery of level 3 3 times without any feat (or 6 times at level 7) that is good. Nothing prevent them from learning a level 3 mystery at level 4 but by the table they can’t launch (and even searching the errata did not give me any hint if this was illegal) And thanks to our chair that said that favored mystery apply to each instance is possible to have a mystery 6 time for day with favored mystery taken 3 times
In the creeping shadow there are other thing that are loose , the first is keeping the hp (no one said battle sorcerer?) that are boosted (a necropolitan wizard would gain hitpoint for example) another one is the feat substitution considering that quicken mystery need more feat that quicken spell but I did not apply to avoid book rain on me. And the third is the way they did not change skill leaving so a way to put so many knowledge on a shadowcaster for example

Spoiler: True background
There was once a gnome from the world of Dragonlance that had as Life quest to know all he can on various arguments to be the strongest, and to rule other, because this gnome was evil , it was an unseelie fey but he wanted to be the gnome who knew more about each argument he choose , knowledge is power at the end, but each tale as a problem . He started as a wizard, a classic choice for his lifequest devoted to know more ,and more, but then a DM introduced the Tome that was prohibited for how many error there was, even with the tale of a class that normally could not work , the Tome of Magic. This DM was sad that no one wanted to use one class of the prohibited tome so he created a quest that if failed would start a conversion of each wizard in a certain area in shadowcaster, maybe with a loss of wisdom for the player and for the character. That gnome was among them , but before he would be converted he found that book and reading that he discovered some fault that helped him becoming one of the gnome shadowcaster who knew more. Even his name was altered to reflect his altered vision on shadowcaster . And with the lose of wisdom he choose to fight only using his punches even if he was not so strong

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Wizard 1 +0 +0 +0 +2 Skill point 24((2+int )*4)
Knowledge religion 4, Knowledge arcana 4, Knowledge dungeoneering 4, knowledge nature 4, knowledge the planes 4, Intimidate 2
spell focus (enchantment) Obtain familiar Scribe Scroll
2nd Wizard 2 +1 +0 +0 +3 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 5, Knowledge arcana 5, Knowledge dungeoneering 5, knowledge nature 5, knowledge the planes 5, Intimidate 2.5
3rd Wizard 3 +1 +1 +1 +3 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 6, Knowledge arcana 6, Knowledge dungeoneering 6, knowledge nature 6, knowledge the planes 6, Intimidate 3
knowledge devotion (religion)
4th Wizard 3 /Shadowcaster 1 +1 +3 +1 +5 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 7, Knowledge arcana 7, Knowledge the planes 7, knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 6 Intimidate 4
Fundamental of Shadow, apprentice mystery
4th Wizard 2 /Shadowcaster 2 +2 +3 +0 +6 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 7, Knowledge arcana 7, Knowledge the planes 7, knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 6 Intimidate 4
Still Mystery
5th Wizard 2 /Shadowcaster 3 +2 +3 +1 +6 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 8, Knowledge arcana 8, Knowledge the planes 8, knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 7 Intimidate 5
Umbral sight (darkvision 30 ft)
5th Wizard 1 /Shadowcaster 4 +2 +4 +1 +6 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 8, Knowledge arcana 8, Knowledge the planes 8, knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 7 Intimidate 5
Bonus fundamental
6th Wizard 1 /shadowcaster 5 +2 +4 +1 +6 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 9, Knowledge arcana 9, Knowledge the planes 8, knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 7 Intimidate 9
weapon finesse Sustaining Shadow (1 meal/week)
6th shadowcaster 6 +3 +5 +2 +5 Skill point 6(2+int )
Knowledge religion 9, Knowledge arcana 9, Knowledge the planes 9 knowledge nature 7, knowledge dungeoneering 7 Intimidate 8
spell focus (conjuration) of level 1
became path focus (touch of twilight)
Skill like this are cross classed for this level
Spoiler: Epic feats
1° favored mystery (umbral touch)
2° favored mystery( umbral touch)
3° favored mystery (umbral touch)
4° Trivial Knowledge
5° greater path focus (touch of twilight)
6° empower mystery
7° maximized mystery
8° quicken mystery
9° extend mystery
10° maximize mystery

Spoiler: Essence

1° level: Arrow of Dusk *3,Black candle
4° level: Black candle

Spoiler: Mysteries learned

Shadowcaster level Mystery learned
Shadowcaster 1 life fades
Shadowcaster 2 steel shadows
Shadowcaster 3 flesh fails
Shadowcaster 4 umbral touch
Shadowcaster 5 umbral touch
Shadowcaster 6 umbral touch

Spoiler: Spells for Day

Wizard level Level 0 spell for day Level 1 spell for day Level 2 spell for day
Wizard 1 3 2 -
Wizard 2 4 3 -
Wizard 3 4 3 2

I have created two level 4 5 and 6 because there is the conversion with the second shadowcaster level so I have to put something, the skill are the same, and only in one case I have put another feat to replace another one

Spoiler: Tactics
Spoiler: Level 1 and 2
We start as wizard and we will use our illusion spell like color spray or some useful illusion like silent image, we can take the swarm using burning hands but in the enchantment school we have sleep, and the power word as spell to do damage for example power word pain. The huge boost is given in one way from the abilities and all the knowledge that can be good out of combat, and the second is given by the unseelie fey because with some luck we could have good vision and the ability to fly (I have considered the worst result of the dices for this build) we have a spellbook and we will write our spell here, while the familiar depends on what happen with creeping darkness but it could be an idea to not summon it if we lost our experience points later , if we will not we can summon a raven to scout In the second level it doesn’t happen so much so the tactics will remain the same. Even if we have a low wisdom as sage gnome (or dragonlance gnome) we have a +2 on will saves that cover our very low wisdom

Spoiler: Level 3
At this level we gain two things that help us the first is knowledge devotion that it could seems that doesn’t help but it helps because as shadowcaster we will not have many knowledge as class skill so it can help us . But for now it will be a help when we will use offensive spell that will need an attack roll maybe on dexterity. The second thing that helps us are level 2 spell we will put as many as we can in our spellbook even if we will not be able to cast them by the next level

Spoiler: Level 4
The first level of the SI is taken, or better the first two level because we convert one level of wizard in one level of shadowcaster so now what we have? Well we don’t have so much but as unseelie fey at least we can start to work with that intimidate, and as sage gnome we can use these knowledge in a good manner. We even gain a DR against iron cold so we are more resistant . Using life fades is more something symbolic than anything else, we can do the same with some spell ,so it’s not so much, but useful if we want to torture someone, while steel shadows is good better than magic armor. The essence gives us the option to doesn’t use the spell as offensive because we can use arrow of dusk to do damage , and knowledge devotion I think should apply to that. Black candle is useful when we need to explore or to blind the enemy maybe they will not have darkvision but is a way even to infiltrate for example. We gain still mystery so at least when we will cast a mystery we will not need any concentration check and that will happen at the end.

Spoiler: Level 5
Well we have 4 shadowcaster level and it is obvious that we will use touch of twilight mystery, the strangest thing is the mystery that we learn now. As I have said there is nothing that prevent you to learn a certain level mystery if within his category you have learned at least two mystery of a certain level . Then when we see the shadowcaster table we see that we can’t cast that, but it says that mystery cast as spell have only one use for day (above the table) so one could argument that he has a use this level 3 mystery , but I will not, is a strange rule that even only because it exists (and is not functional at the level that is taken) that it merits to be used (and later will be a boost avoiding us to take a feat) . This is the last chance to put spells in our spellbook , but is not a problem and for two knowledge we have put the last ranks because they are cross class for shadowcaster.

Spoiler: Level 6
Now we are useful! We have various mysteries that can do damage over a day , and the one that we have taken at the previous level now is 3 times for day and if we have luck it should last enough round or enough strike to be more precise. And we have converted all of our wizard level in shadowcaster level , and remember that spell focus that we took? Now it becomes path focus doing even more considering our main mystery. And knowledge devotion? It boost our attack roll on this mystery, but strength is not a thing in that we are good so now we take weapon finesse that should apply on this .We have an high dexterity, and we are small so another boost to our attack roll. Sustaining shadow will not do so much but it could happen that we can’t lunch even in the real life happens. And darkvision is good we will not need any light. And in the course of these level we did not take any multiclass penalty thanks to the favored class of the dragonlance gnome. Remember why I said that the spellbook needed so many spell? Well now we can sell it , and as for the familiar if we lose the last wizard level it should become a normal animal, so maybe can be sacrificed for someone who want or we can eat him (a free meal no?) We can intimidate as well as we use knowledge check with three knowledge. Summer caress and our DR helps us in melee ,and we can use armor and shield to better help us (even if steel shadow could give a better shield bonus)

Spoiler: Epic 1 2 3
I grouped these feat because they are the same and they do the same function . They boost our main mystery , they gives us more attacks, they boost the DC of the mystery, and they give us more use at the end. By chairman confirm (now I can’t copy that but is in one message I have) favored mystery apply on each instance of the mystery and we have 3 instance of that so we have now 6 use of that mystery (if this doesn’t apply welll we have still 9 arrow of dusk that can helps us in a combat and we can intimidate if nothing work while we have 4 use of umbral touch) For now it will last 10 strike so it should be enough.

Spoiler: Epic 4
This is one motivation why I wanted to use a gnome. We can roll each knowledge two time, and we have something that base on knowledge check, knowledge devotion. On our main knowledge we have +15 so it will be a +2 in each time. Trivial knowledge helps us to boost that +2 in a +3 if we roll even only one time an 11 or more. On the knowledge where we are weak it help because we have +13 so with that it rarer that we will have only a +1 as boost. Trivial knowledge is a way to be more useful in combat and out of combat

Spoiler: Epic 5
Why now greater path focus? Well because maybe the DC start to be some low , and with this we have another attack that helps us, at the end is a way as another to be able to do more damage in combat

Spoiler: Epic 6 ,7,8,9, 10
I putted them in an all category because the objective of these feat are to boost umbral touchh and we could do a nova if we want. Let’s think about maximize mystery, it maximizes the damage that a mystery do , so each strike we will do with umbral touch will be of 30 of damage that it’s not bad and we have two maximize mystery because maybe we will need it during a combat but there will be more combat later (for example in the room before boss) Empower mystery is the weak version of maximize so it could be used. Quicken mystery and extend mystery have another function. It could happen that we need to strike fast , without losing the turn at buffing ourselves, maybe in a surprise attack and here is that quicken mystery come and is useful (a quickened umbral touch) Extend mystery finally is a way to be prepared for long fight and if we combine a maximize mystery with extend mystery with quicken mystery we have the same time spend for a maximize mystery but double damage in total.

Spoiler: Numbers on this build

Average AC = 10+ 1 (small size)+ 5 (dexterity)+2 (summer caress deflection bonus)+4 (mithral chain skirt for example)+ 1 (buckler) = 23 without magic items 25 if we use steel shadows
Fortitude 5(base)+ 1 (constitution)+2 (summer caress)=8
Reflex 2 (base )+5 (dexterity)+ 2 (summer caress)=9
Will 5 (base)-2 (wisdom)+2 (dragonlance gnome)+2 (summer caress)=7
Knowledge check on planes arcana or religion =9 base+ 4 intelligence+2 gnome =+15 (with a 1 we gain a +2 with knowledge devotion with 11 a +3 and we roll two times thanks to trivial knowledge)
Knowledge check on nature or dungeoneering =7 base+ 4 intelligence+2 gnome)+13 (with a 1 we gain +1 with knowledge devotion with a 3 we gain +2 and with a 13 we gain a +3 and we roll two times thanks to trivial knowledge)
Intimidate =8 base+ 4 unseelie fey +3 charisma=15
Damage: I consider knowledge devotion as 2.5 for the damage
Using umbral touch without feat= 5d6+knowledge devotion =around 20 + fortitude check DC 18(10 base+3 (half level)+ 3 (charisma)+2 (focus path and greater focus path) to avoid slow
Using umbral touch maximized =30 + knowledge devotion=around 32.5 + fortitude check DC 18 to avoid slow
Using umbral touch maximized and empowered=30+5d6/2 + knowledge devotion=around 41.5 + fortitude check DC 18 to avoid slow
It last 11 minutes (6 shadowcaster level +3 favored mystery+2 greater path focus and path focus) so around 11 attack
Attack roll=3 base+ 5 (dexterity with weapon finesse)+1 small size +2 (knowledge devotion)=+11
Total damage umbral touch summed all round
Normal umbral touch= 20*11 =220
Umbral touch maximized=32.5*11=357.5
Umbral touch maximized + empowered (and probably quickened to use as a full round mystery)=41.5*11=456.5
Umbral touch maximized + extended (and probably quickened to use as a full round)=32.5*22=715
Umbral touch maximized +extended+ empowered +quickened (near impossible but if we have problem we could try)= 41.5*22=913

Spoiler: Sources

Shadowcaster: Tome of Magic
Metashadow feats: Tome of Magic
Mysteries and essence : Tome of Magic
Wizard : SRD
Dragonlance gnome: Dragonlance Campaign setting
Unseelie fey template: Dragon Magazine Compendium
Trivial Knowledge: Races of Stone
Knowledge Devotion: Complete Champion
Favored Mystery: Tome of Magic
Path focus : Tome of Magic
Greater Path focus: Tome of Magic