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    Default Re: Is there any way to lock your graphics driver?

    See if there is some sort of NVIDIA update service running in the background, and if it is shut it off and make sure it is disabled on startup.

    You can see a list of services along with brief descriptions using the task manager, and you can prevent them launching on startup (and see more detailed descriptions) using the services by opening the RUN prompt (Windows key + R) and entering services.msc (or by going to C:/Windows/system32 or C:/Windows/SysWOW64 and launching services.msc). This will bring up the utility showing all installed services and their settings, anything with NVIDIA in its name is a suspect.

    You might have to do some sleuthing online to find out which particular service may be responsible for auto updating the drivers, since there may be several NVIDIA services with rather vague descriptions. It is also possible that the culprit service has a different name altogether, try googling along the lines of "Nvidia driver update service" and see what you can find.
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