I know I usually do a fancy post where I post pictures of the new holiday ornament and the new t-shirts, but I want to make sure I get this in place before anyone does any shopping today and I am running very far behind. So here's the bare-bones version: OK, actual images now added for anyone who didn't feel like clicking:

The new OOTS holiday ornament is now available here. It has O-Chul and Redcloak on it.

We also have some new t-shirts:

Elan says Adequacy Acheived!

Minrah carries her Fists in Her Heart.

Belkar is engaging in some Hardcore Introspection.

Maybe you took in a Gelatinous Cube race recently and would like a souvenir t-shirt?

And here are 9 new shirts with monsters from A Monster from Every Season.

I will circle back around and add the nice pictures later. Thanks! Pictures added!