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That says removing counters, not preventing counters...

Just because black can remove counters doesn't mean it can prevent it.

It's also worth noting as I think it has been before that white is not noted as removing or preventing counters

They could have removed it, but I'm not sure how that helps your case, that just means only white us allowed to prevent counters

That's not an assumption you can make. Preventing and removing counters are two different things.
How many times did I link Blightbeetle? Twice, thrice? Four times? On this page alone, I mean.

It's a Black card from M20 that prevents counters on creatures... And it is newer than any other card that prevents counters... And it is close to what's Black's specialty... Removing counters from permanents... Hm.

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None of them.
Ouch. Dunno. It seems that they are moving towards a point where some colors will get some kind of other answers. Maybe white will get a ramp that works with sideboard.

Funny enough I had a card similar to Waste Land

Encroaching Desert
Land - Desert
T: Add C.
T, Sacrifice CARDNAME: Put a desert counter on target non-basic land your opponent controls (Land with desert counters lose all abilities and become a land of type Desert with the ability "T: Add C".)

Slightly different than their token lands.

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Corruption counters don't do anything.
I was with you until this part. I think I like corruption counters that raise your life floor. I.e. work as a more permanent form of damage while giving white and black options to tweak it or remove it.