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    Quote Originally Posted by Tvtyrant View Post
    Ouroboros - B
    Creature- Snake
    At the beginning of your upkeep tap Ouroboros and put a 1/1 counter on it.
    "No food was more nutritious than[fix] its own flesh."
    Interesting design. Although not sure if that's common or uncommon. It's an interesting idea anyway. Could see it in some black/blue untap shenanigans, it's probably too slow for Modern though. Turn 3 3/3 is meh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    How many times must I explain why it doesn't count before you stop mentioning it?

    That's +1/+1 counters, which are positive. +1/+1 counters can be negated with -1/-1 counters. The card could have said "whenever a +1/+1 counter is put on a creature an opponent controls, put -1/-1 counter on that creature." and it would undoubtedly be black. Preventing counters isn't black, but preventing +1/+1 counters is.
    And I disregarded it because it's logically inconsistent, with what you said before.

    By your logic.
    Since every color has Wither/Infect, every color can place -1/-1 on a creature. Since every color can negate +1/+1 counters, every color should have ability to prevent +1/+1 counters. This is counters both you listing White and Green, as counter negating colors, the Magic Color pie and the cards they printed in general.

    Furthermore, there is a mechanical difference between placing a +1/+1 counter and negating with a -1/-1 counter and just preventing counters from being placed. Things that trigger when placing counters or removing counters, would respond to placing removing either of those counters. If counter is negated nothing is added/removed, ergo nothing will be triggered.

    Why would ramp be white just because it used the sideboard?
    White already has a catch-up ramp.
    Hey man, I didn't come up with that Cat card. As for reasons well, it's a bit crippling. You waste sideboard slots for ramp. The idea is interesting, even if it leads nowhere.

    Catch up ramp, is not as good as a ramp. You can't play catch up from the front, only from behind.

    Lightning Colt obviously functions, so I can see it being printed without the pun name.
    The funny thing about that card is that it's an Instant Creature. MaRo talked that one of his largest regrets is that they should have made Flash into a supertype vs a keyword, and then just have "Sorceries" and "Instant/Flash Sorceries", then there would be no need to list Instant and Sorcery on things like Spellmastery or Snapcaster mage, etc. But it's probably too late to rename them to "Magic/Spell/Instant Sorceries", at this point.

    Generated Horizons I don't think, but I do think land tokens would be cool.
    Oh the card is super busted. Forest each turn? I don't even need to play that many forests.

    I do like idea of unsleeved lands as "tokens". For all purposes, they are visually distinguishable.

    On the opposite side, I also liked Wrath of Sod that used manabound tokens, although the fact that it's a counter means it affects playability, since you could have +1/+1 counters and those manabound counters. That's why I used artifact to exile a creature. Since you can tap a them.

    Zyym I could see getting printed.
    Zyym is one of the few cards, that will probably see print at some point. Him and that Innocous Insect. Although Insect is Buyback and that's high on Storm scale.

    Enchanted Prairie could maybe happen.
    Ewww. Enchantments that tap (yes, I know Enchantment Creatures exist. I don't like them). And yes, I kinda dislike Enchantmentize for that reason. Interesting wording thought.

    How would that even work? I die when I have 5 life and 5 corruption? How is that different from having 0 life and corruption not doing anything?
    If your life is lower than your corruption you die. If your corruption goes over starting life, you die.

    If Wizards ever decide to print things like Ral's Vanguard it could make corruption easier to scale, compared to poison. I mean, I forget how much poison it is in EDH vs 2HG.


    Thoughts on this card

    Turn to Stone - 1W
    Enchantment - Aura - Uncommon
    Enchant creature or land.
    Enchanted permanent is a Plains.(it becomes a Plains and loses all other abilities and types)

    It's a somewhat worse version of Path of Exile (easier to remove and not as enduring) on the other hand, it's ramp and land destruction. That said, it's a very white sort of land destruction (and white theoretically has land destruction). I'm thinking od moving it to W and adding the clause "Enchant creature or land you control".
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