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I do like idea of unsleeved lands as "tokens". For all purposes, they are visually distinguishable.
Unfortunately not all players play with sleeves, so any solution needs to work for sleeveless players (see checklist cards)

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Thoughts on this card

Turn to Stone - 1W
Enchantment - Aura - Uncommon
Enchant creature or land.
Enchanted permanent is a Plains.(it becomes a Plains and loses all other abilities and types).
Not sure Im allowed to comment on this card as I basically made the same card earlier in the thread.

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Heres my lazy 5 minute white mana ramp idea.

Spears to Pruning Hooks 1W
Enchantment - Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature has base power and toughness 0/1 and has {t}: add {W}, and it loses all other abilities.
Not entirely sold on your name from a flavour perspective, how does becoming a statue make one a plain? Or is the creature turning in to a massive amount of stone?