The Rock should’ve used the People’s Elbow. The fist slammed into John, denting his armor but not punching through into any sensitive systems or the crunchy, fragile human underneath. As for the attempted grapple, John’s strength was raised to superhuman proportions thanks to the Precursor armor. He shrugged the Malachord’s efforts off vigorously.

“Nope, there’s also this!”

John planted his right foot and spun on it, swinging his left foot up with a roundhouse kick, carrying a powerful blow of warp energy along with it. The instant his foot made impact or missed, John flashed out of existence, gaining a lot of distance from the Malachord. He knew he’d left himself wide open with that attack, best not to be too close.

He then engaged his auto-repair systems. The armor began to repair the dented section, completing the work within seconds.

Standard: Another All-Out/Power Attack.

Warp Strike – (1d20+10)[22] – DC 30+Multi Toughness damage, DC 25+Multi Toughness vs. Wzeaken Toughness

Move: Tactical Teleport – moving 200 feet away.

Free: Switching Nanotech Armor Systems to Auto-Repair. John heals one bruised.