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    Quote Originally Posted by Androgeus View Post
    Unfortunately not all players play with sleeves, so any solution needs to work for sleeveless players (see checklist cards)
    I didn't mean as opposed to regular tokens. Anything can in theory be a token. Piece of Paper with "Plains" written on it, or a piece of uneaten pizza (my friend once did it as a joke to represent a goblin token) or your spare basic lands.

    Quote Originally Posted by Androgeus View Post
    Not sure I’m allowed to comment on this card as I basically made the same card earlier in the thread.
    I think your card is sufficiently different, since it turns a creature into a land creature.

    Quote Originally Posted by Androgeus View Post
    Not entirely sold on your name from a flavour perspective, how does becoming a statue make one a plain? Or is the creature turning in to a massive amount of stone?
    White is the color that turns your stuff into stone (like Declaration in Stone), that isn't Gorgons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    It's quite annoying how you consistently miss the point.

    Every color gets wither or infect, but every color doesn't get -1/-1 counters in general, only Black does. The only blue cards that can remove counters from a permanent do so by dealing combat damage to it. They are not allowed to do it on some other trigger, which is what I said the ability was like.
    Even if you exclude Wither because it's not -1/-1 counters (Somehow). Colors other than white/green still have access to placing -1/-1 counters. Blue has it, Red has it.

    How does this goes with your claim that green and white can prevent counters on creatures?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    "Whenever a +1/+1 counter is put on a creature an opponent controls, put -1/-1 counter on that creature."

    Yes, of course, there is a slight difference, but 95% of the time that difference isn't going to be relevant. If instead of a trigger it just placed the -1/-1 counter along with the +1/+1 counter then the difference wouldn't be relevant 99%
    This is not mechanically the same and I explained why. By your "fuzzy logic" a "Creature dies" and "Creature is put into a graveyard" are also functionally the same, right...

    It's not the same if you take damage and heal and if you prevent damage. If you prevent damage from death toucher is not 95% the same as if you add +0/+X to creature...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    Set mechanics are allowed a little more room with what the colors are allowed to do, see Unearth and Eternalize in blue. You wouldn't say reanimation was blue just because there are blue cards with unearth.
    That would be valid, if Red and Blue didn't get -1/-1 counters outside of that edition. They did. Because, -1/-1 like +1/+1 counters are evergreen and available in all colors.


    Just because you get life gain (black, green and white). Doesn't mean you get prevent damage (white, green). Bottom line there is a finer granularity to giving colors ability than just + and - negate themselves to be prevention 0. Sure it sometimes works. But it's not really a rule.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    It was you who argued for it, I don't know why you're suddenly all defensive.
    IMO, it was more of a joke, because you did come off as too aggressive. Any way, the thing that was interesting was the sideboard (or outside of game) ramp. I clarified I liked it for idea, of using sideboard for ramp, for a color that gets no other way to ramp. A green cat, like that would see no play. A white cat, that does something similar... maybe yes, maybe no.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    They would need to print the land tokens if they ever did it.
    Eh, not really, you can respresent token by "markers". Anything can be a marker. Of course they would print land tokens, if they did it. I like that you can do it right now. Without them printing much support.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    I'm just not convinced there is any way to do it this way instead of Settle the Wreckage.
    Obviously you can do it, like manabound counters or land tokens.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    That's not different than just dealing an extra damage.
    Well, yeah, it is essentially a form of more permanent damage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    Are you aware Vanguards are already a thing?
    I saw them in Custom Magic Discord but I thought they were some thing community came up. I don't play much outside of Standard/Modern.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    See?! No one can bother to remember this.

    From the Comprehensive Rules (October 4, 2019—Throne of Eldraine)

    704.5u In a Two-Headed Giant game, if a team has fifteen or more poison counters, that team loses the game. See rule 810, “Two-Headed Giant Variant.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    It shouldn't be able to target a land, I don't think white gets to strip lands of abilities.
    Otherwise it's fine, though I would probably make you unable to target your own stuff with it.

    White only gets mass land destruction, they don't get single target and they don't get Spreading Seas effects IIRC.

    The removal feel very white, the ramp part not so much.
    It has to enchant a land (more specifically the type of permanent it transforms the target), otherwise, it does nothing.

    If you cast on a creature, creature becomes a land and it falls off, since it's "enchant a creature" aura is enchanting a land. Alternatively, it could be "Enchant creature or basic land (your opponent controls)", to make it pointless as ramp.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    I want it to be difficult enough to get corruption that it's not going to matter pretty much ever.
    It's just not worth the use of design space, as it's only ever going to matter against life gain, and since most corruption cards also deal damage it's only going to matter against heavy life gain.

    If every corruption counter also deals 1 damage then they're just going to be more difficult to get.

    I'm not sure how difficult I want it to be to get corruption, I think my current design makes it too hard, but gettng 20 should definitely be something that almost never happens.
    Well first, you do you man. If you like concept of generic counters that don't do anything, use them. But why are they corruption and not some kind of "tick" or "ch(m)arge" counter?

    Will one tick of more permanent damage going to matter much more than one tick of healable damage?

    I like that one corruption counter is essentially whatever. It feels flavorfull that you would accept that one tick of corruption. I mean, what's the big deal. One poison is much more harsh. But then you get like a ton of them, and it suddenly is much more painful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjaman View Post
    Infected Cutthroat - 1B
    Creature - Human Rogue - U
    Infected Cutthroat has menace as long defending player has a corruption counter.
    Infected Cutthroat has deathtouch as long as defending player has three or more corruption counters.

    Pox Drone - 1B
    Creature - Drone - C
    Whenever Pox Drone deals combat damage to an opponent, you may sacrifice it. If you do, that play loses 2 life and gains a corruption counter.

    Scorching Lacerator - 3RR
    Creature - Elemental - U
    When Scorching Lacerator enters the battlefield, target opponent gains a corruption counter.
    Scorching Lacerator gains +1/+0 for each corruption counter on defending player.

    Foul Cur - 2R
    Creature - Hound - C
    2R: Foul Cur gets +3/+3 and trample until end of turn. Activate this ability no more than once each turn, and only if an opponent has five or more corruption counters.

    Spreading Infection - 1B
    Instant - C
    Exile target creature card from a graveyard. Put a corruption counter on that creature's controller.
    Draw a card.
    Interesting designs.

    I quite like the Infected Cutthroat. It seems balanced for both corruption as damage and generic corruption. Same with Scorching Lacetator.

    Pox Drone is interesting. I could see even doing some kind of mini proliferate "If you do, choose a kind of counter on that player and give them an additional one of that kind", it would probably be blue though.

    Foul Cur. Not too great fan of a Rootwalla abilities, myself. They are kind of hard to keep track off.

    I do like Spreading Infection really much.

    Here is one of colored cards that used in my causes corruption in white.

    Inquisitorial Purge
    - 4W
    Exile target creature or artifact. Its controller gains a corruption counter.
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