Announcing the winners of Return round 7. This may still change if you verify the game results and find errors.

Gold: Gauntlet
Balanced: Quiddle
Different approaches, same result: Ninjaman, Tom the Mime
Meddling cards this round only: ben-zayb

Ban list. Can also change if you find an error.
Spoiler: Ban list: Round 6
Land: Blackcleave Cliffs; City of Traitors; Mishra's Workshop; Strip Mine

Artifact/Colourless: Black Lotus; Blacker Lotus; Dispatch Dispensary; Karn, the Great Creator; Lion's Eye Diamond; Liquimetal Coating; Lodestone Golem; Lupine Prototype; Mana Crypt; Mirrored Lotus; Mox Pearl; Sol Ring; The Rack; Time Vault; Voltaic Key.

White: Chancellor of the Annex; Serra Ascendant; Thalia, Guardian of Thraben; The Cheese Stands Alone.

Blue: Jace, Wielder of Mysteries; Laboratory Maniac; Leyline of Anticipation.

Black: Blackmail; Spike, Tournament Grinder; Street Wraith.

Green: Crashing Footfalls; Collector Ouphe.

Red: Wrench-Rigger.

Gold: Empty.

Please submit decks for Return round 8 to me in forum private message. Please mention that they're for round 8. I hope I'll get more submissions in this round.