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Thread: Simple RAW for 5e 4: Smackdown v. RAW

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoDei View Post
    Can one attack an adjacent target with a Reach weapon (especially one OTHER than a whip, and WITHOUT P.A.M.)?
    If it matters, I mean a medium or small character.
    A443 For "general" attacks: yes because:
    • You choose a target that is within your reach/range (PHB 194, first sentence and again PHB 195, Melee Attacks).
    • Weapons with the Reach propriety add +5ft reach to whatever reach a creature already has for attacks made with that weapon.
    • Medium and small characters, generally speaking, all have a baseline reach of 5ft.
    • Anything "adjacent" is within a 5ft reach, thus being also within any >5ft reach.
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