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I'm still looking for feedback on the Clockwinder
Fair enough.

I've decided to list twelve, because clock.

1) There should be a cost associated with making a new stopwatch or clockwork weapon. If the DM breaks the wizard's wand or fighter's sword, there's a cost associated with that, too. Now, that's the dedicated crafter in me talking, not the "DM interested in game balance", but in most D&D settings making a stopwatch should probably take more than a few hours because gears and springs are neither easy to make nor common to find.
2) The wording of "you may add your ability bonus to the damage of both of these weapons" should probably be clarified, because you already add your ability bonus to your main hand and I doubt you want to add it again.
3) The Clockwinder takes a significant damage loss when their stopwatch is ready, but they choose not to use it because they're waiting for a more opportune time.
4a) I don't see anything in here about the Clockwinder either making magic weapons, or even bypassing resistance as if it was magic, and against many foes that's crippling.
4b) Also, they don't seem to have the ability to make magic armor. Considering how much they lose when not using their clockwork items, at higher levels, this is crippling.
4c) My solution to both, and also part of 1 I guess, is to have clockwork weapons modified weapons they find. "Say, you know what that longsword +1 could use?" Tempus says, "an hour hand, a ticking sound, and a chainsaw blade!"
5) I may have missed it, but what's the Save DC against time powers?
6) "Displacement Winder" should add the text "that you can see" because I don't like the idea of teleportiing through locked doors at 3rd level.
7) I love everything about "Gravity Bubble" except the name, because I don't see why Gravity has to get involved in Time. Surely their enhanced reaction speeds would just let them point towards the bleachers and swat the projectile back at the source?
8) Please re-word "Skip" because it's not that clear. Do they appear at the start or end of their next turn? Or, do they appear at the end of their next turn, then do something else at the start of the following turn?
9) Okay this is really nitpicky, but, if a Clockwinder uses Undo, their stopwatch is technically rewinding when they re-roll the damage, so they get to add the damage bonus?
10) "Rewind" is problematic, because it takes an Action and you said it could be used after Attacking which is also an Action.
11) The class has extremely limited ranged ability, other than (a) closing the distance with increased movement speed (b) dropping Disadvantage with their only ranged weapon attack if they're a Scout. or (c) using "Splinter" on the wizard. True, not every class has good ranged ability, but these guys seem weaker than most, and I don't think clockwork weapons can even be ranged (it's not spelled out and suggests the answer is "no"). Honestly, a clockwork crossbow sounds pretty cool.
12) A character class based on clock parts and leaping around never once uses the word "Coocoo".

You asked for other Techniques. Perhaps a defensive one or two? Split-second Reactions seem particularly handy, as it makes it easy for the Clockwinder to keep their weapons fully charged for maximum damage and fits their melee/defender feel.