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I like all Star Wars Movies including the spin-off. No Star has never disappointed me. So I have a feeling that the ninth movie going to be great.
Even Attack of the Clones!?

Wait, are you one of those people who hate sand?

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Power Rangers/Sentai/Kamen Rider have been doing action scenes with actors in elaborate costumes/make up for decades now, not to mention the recent wave of great Marvel Movies with lots of great elaborate costume/make up action.
I believe that they also have a lot of problems with the fact that the stunt actors can't see out of the close-up suits, and have had to work around that (suits for longer-ranged shots have eye holes). I mean, especially once you take all the problems into account, Kamen Rider* fight scenes look amazing, but it is certainly a hassle compared to having two human looking characters fighting.

At least apparently until you have to get Ewan McGregor to stop making lightsaber noises during filming.

* I don't really watch PR or SS.