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    Working their way through the jungle Professorman Graff chuckled a little with embarrassment "We have made a lot of progress, never would have gotten that far without the natives' help, but there has been something of a snag. We've reached what I believe to be central chamber of the temple but it's blocked by a fortification that our equipment isn't able to penetrate, I was hoping that a concerted effort from our guards might have been able to breach it but that's no longer an option."

    "YOU LITTLE #@$%!!!" The Malachord roared a string of incomprehensible alien swear words whilst the combined efforts of his John and Pixel still failed to put him down for the count as he swung out at the human again, trying to grab him in his rocky grip and snap him like a twig. In fact he was so enraged that he didn't even notice when his former employer showed up along with a couple of new faces.

    "Oh my..." Graff squeaked, moving safely behind Tager's larger frame

    Spoiler: OOC
    Move: Staggered
    Standard: All-Out/Power Attack +2 John (1d20+10)[25] DC27 Toughness & DC22 Strength/Defence vs Grab if that hits Hits

    Adventurers are on turn and the gang's all here!
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