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Thread: The LA-assignment thread VII: LA LA Land

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    I Have Two Mouths And I Must Scream

    These horrifying greater demons supposedly exceed balors (also 20 RHD, got +0 LA) in power. Let's see if their playable versions reflect that.

    Ability scores are a bit disappointing: nothing goes higher than 29 strength and the lowest stat is a pitiful 15 dexterity. Huge size is nice, as is DR 20 that can only be overcome by Good and (cold?) Iron weapons. 90 ft. fly speed is certainly good. SR 36 is high enough to be relevant.

    The klurichir has a few natural weapons. Its spines deal moderate damage and deliver a strength-damaging poison (not too relevant), while its two pinchers both get improved grab and more importantly maneuver grabbed foes to its vorpal pinchers. This second set can, as the name implies, cut off heads to instantaneously kill opponents, and does so on any crit (not just a roll of 20). It's a 19-20 weapon by default, too.

    Additionally, klurichirs can Rend anything they hit with both pinchers (mostly unimpressive damage), can permanently See Invisibility, and have an aura of Fear (as the spell, relatively ally-friendly).

    They also get 10th-level sorcerer casting, which is quite useful, and a number of SLAs. The most notable of them are at-will Blasphemy, Desecrate, Greater Dispel Magic, Mass Charm Monster, Mass Suggestion, Telekinesis, and self-only Greater Teleport. They also get a few useful 3/day spells, like Implosion and Destruction.

    Finally, there's the ability to summon demons. There's no chance of failure, it's usable once per day, and the possibilities range from a few dozen dretches to two balors.

    So what to rate this? Balors, with their better stats, worse magic, and similarly impressive summons and special abilities, got +0 LA. The klurichir seems like it deserves quite a bit more than that, so I'll be going with +3 LA.
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