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And I've said that they might have moved it and preventing counters isn't within green's color pie anymore, but that doesn't help really help your case for counter prevention in black.
Yeah, other than removing counters being a black thing and card that prevents counters being black there is nothing else to prove that black can prevent counters. Oh wait.

That said, people on Discord were confused and unsure. I asked MaRo, so I'll notify you if there is any updates.

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How does it make sense for black to prevent poison?
Flavor mostly, if there was a color that could manipulate poison, it would be black. Especially for a price.

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And unless all your damage is in the form of corruption that is almost never going to be relevant, so you're only either adding something pointless, or making the mechanic more parasitic. Both of those are bad designs.
That's a disingenuous argument. How often do you finish your game at more than 0 life? Not to mention more than 20 life. Yeah, corruption is weaker against life gain, but life gain isn't that common of a deck.

If 2 damage is corruption and 18 damage is regular damage (assuming no healing) you lose. It works together with damage, it's not a parasitic thing like poison. Granted healing mitigates it, to a degree.

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But they still don't do anything by themselves, this is just restrictions for how you choose cards should use them.
I don't think I'd actually do anything that requires removing corruption, since that works poorly in multiplayer.
They were made with some design constraints, same way colors get design constraints.

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I said white rarely removes artifacts at common, and rarely removes artifacts without also removing enchantments, and your rebuttal to this was showing a common that exiled enchantments?
It's white, it's common, and it exiles. It's part of white's color pie. I see no logical reason it couldn't do that at common, other than it never did it at common (it did it at uncommon - Thopter's arrest and it's uncommon probably because the text was 4+ lines).

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So they inquisition is actually deliberately spreading the corruption?
To the same manner