i had a moment of leniency when my entire party nearly died climbing a ladder. out of 6 people, the lowest they rolled was an 87. it was meant to be an easy test so they could get the hang of the system (a homebrew of dark heresy, essentially). a ladder nearly tpk'd them. i said "screw it, you all fall on an awning with your egos bruised, much to the mocking laughter of the crowd instead of falling 9 meters to much broken bones".

a moment of leniency i experienced however was my character tried to powerslide along a dragon's swinging tail to perform a death from above attack to save a teammate. the dm looked up, asked the player who was most familiar with pf rules to check how that would work, and we all agreed that with a good acrobatics check, rule of cool trumped legal movement actions. yeah, it was totally radical, and i managed to buy my teammate the extra turn she needed to heal up and get back into the fight.