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Yeah, other than removing counters being a black thing and card that prevents counters being black there is nothing else to prove that black can prevent counters. Oh wait.
I've explained why they don't count over and over again and you just keep asserting that they do. Preventing one type of counter is not a basis for removing every type of counter

That said, people on Discord were confused and unsure. I asked MaRo, so I'll notify you if there is any updates.

Flavor mostly, if there was a color that could manipulate poison, it would be black. Especially for a price.
They wouldn't manipulate poison by preventing it though.

That's a disingenuous argument. How often do you finish your game at more than 0 life? Not to mention more than 20 life. Yeah, corruption is weaker against life gain, but life gain isn't that common of a deck.
I don't understand what point you're trying to make here.
My point is that if you deal 10 corruption and 10 damage the opponent will still be alive if he heals 1 life, corruption being corruption doesn't matter unless you get to 20, it could just have been regular damage.

If 2 damage is corruption and 18 damage is regular damage (assuming no healing) you lose. It works together with damage, it's not a parasitic thing like poison. Granted healing mitigates it, to a degree.
It's parasitic in that if you want to nullify your opponent's life gain you need to deal 20 corruption. If you deal less than 20 corruption then there is no difference whether you had dealt corruption damage or just regular damage. They die at twenty damage either way, and they can heal the same if they don't have twenty corruption. Having your deck reliably deal 5 points of corruption has no effect against life gain.

They were made with some design constraints, same way colors get design constraints.
And I would give corruption design restraints. I'm not sure what your point is.

It's white, it's common, and it exiles. It's part of white's color pie. I see no logical reason it couldn't do that at common, other than it never did it at common (it did it at uncommon - Thopter's arrest and it's uncommon probably because the text was 4+ lines).
I didn't say white never gets to remove artifacts without enchantments, I said it rarely does, and it rarely gets to remove artifacts at common. I has enchantment destruction as primary but artifact as secondary.
White has had more artifact removal at common than I thought at first, but the only white commons I could find that removed artifacts without also removing enchantments were Divine Offering and Topple the Statue.
Divine offering is from a very artifact heavy set, and topple the statue is more of a flavor exception.
The point still stands that if you want to create a white common that can destroy artifacts but not enchantments you need a pretty convincing reason to do so.

This is not about what you can or can't do, it's about what you should do.

After doing a search I can tell you that the amount of white cards, all rarities, that destroy or exile artifacts without mentioning enchantments is six. The other way around there are over ten times as many.