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    Ok, maybe heel-era Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wasn’t the appropriate metaphor. In reality, it definitely seemed like the Malachord was a different fictional character. The Malachord could’a been a contendah’!

    Hit the music!

    And yes… some of that bled through the telepathy. John’s head is a weird place, not helped by how much alien technology and data is using his frontal lobe as a Storage Unit.

    “Commander,” Cortana voice echoed, “Laser breath incoming!”

    John braced as he took the hit of energy, taking the shot at just the right angle for the armor to disperse the energy without damage. John teleported, moving through created wormholes at will, bending and breaking the forces of reality with ancient alien technology in order to… beat up a rock man.

    John appeared and threw a right jab into a left warp hook at the Malachord’s open jaw, followed up by several more body blows. If the Malachord was Rocky, John was Clubber Lang... but a Clubber Lang who doesn't like getting grappled. So he teleported away again, this time on the opposite side of the clearing.

    Move: Teleport

    Standard: Attack with Warp Strike, full all-out+power attacl: (1d20+10)[20] DC 30+Multi Toughness, DC 25+Multi Toughness vs. Weaken Toughness

    Move Continues: Move by Action to teleport again, 200 feet away.
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