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And I've explained, why that's not true. According to the magic pie article, black gets to remove all counters from any permanent (not players). Could that have changed in the meantime? Maybe.
Congratulations, you found a misspelling. Based on context it was obviously meant to say "Preventing one type of counter is not a basis for preven every type of counter"
Removing counter =/= Preventing counters.
Also white wasn't noted as preventing or removing counters in that article.

Until you give substantial refutations that Black isn't the color of removing counters from permanents, according to official magic and cards they printed.
Please give your substantial evidence for black being able to prevent all kinds of counters.

Yes, you can make case that the article should have added white as well, but not that they are outright wrong.
I'm not saying the article is wrong. Black can remove counters, they just can't prevent them.

They absolutely would. For a price. Black has even "combat damage" prevention on creatures, for a price. Oathsworn Knight.
That's the phantom ability. Black gets that, but that doesn't mean they get damage prevention in general. We've also agreed that red gets wither outside of it being a set mechanic, but that doesn't mean they get all -1/-1 counter effects.

Yeah and? In 95% of cases that distinction is meaningless. In 95% of cases, you heal for 1 and opponent deals 1 damage and you die. Or an opponent plays a "prevent life gain" card.
Yes, in 95% of cases damage and corruption is a meaningless distinction. That's not worth the design space.
Give me an example where you don't deal 20 corruption and yet it is still relevant that the damage is corruption.

It's not parasitic, it synergistic with damage. If you are against a life gain deck, yeah you need to deal 20 corruption OR AND HEAR ME OUT - "prevent life gain". Because it's synergistic with damage.
But if you're dealing corruption damage along with regular damage then killing the opponent when you hit 20 corruption isn't going to be relevant, because unless they play heavy life gain they are going to die before. If you want the corruption to be relevant against life gain then you need to deal only, or mostly only corruption damage.

This is reductionist thinking with which I heavily disagree. I mean, by your logic, before Kaladesh you'd say we shouldn't have colored artifacts, because there were like six of them.
You shouldn't just look at the stats and make conclusions, but you should look at tendencies and try to understand them.
Most of the white cards with a purge flavor destroys creatures and/or enchantments, because that makes sense.
Don't say "can I do it this way?" ask "why am I doing it this way?"

Also you should do your research better, before Kaladesh there were still over 50.