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    House Okeke

    Prince Sinma Zaqaru seems unused at the abundance of wood used at a space station, moving his hand along what once belonged to a tree on occasion. Similarly, the plant life on occasion seems to make him thoughtful. It soon vanishes when things turn more to business and with a fair handshake, Prince Sinma Zaqaru meets Regent Okeke’s welcome. “Thank you for receiving me, Regent Okeke, it’s an honour. The trip was well worth it, though I feel far from home here. I’ve encountered some pirates at my visit to House Gilkara, but it was a good visit other than that.”

    “To see your economy is to see one of the many economies in the Imperium. It does me well to see it.” Earl Tanina Usash nods in the background, his erudite nature making him eager to look around. Lady Ayanum Sibab, his wife, seems tired from all the business affairs on all the different visits and seems much more distracted by the plants, paintings, screens and decorations. She’s looking for more comfort, so her interest wanes further as they move through the production facility, unlike Earl Tanina Usash who seems very interested to take in all the information.

    “Then I have an excellent trade opportunity. Export several of those batches to Zaqaru and we can provide the materials directly, instead of needing a trader in between.” Prince Sinma Zaqaru offers.

    Zaqaru appreciates the Okeke hospitality.

    Enigma 7

    Spoiler: Imperial Council
    “Do the Infinite Republic and the Freeholds border each other? In any case, by your words the Freeholds is willing to commit naval forces now to fight the Vespids.” King Nabuna Zaqaru looks thoughtful, glancing towards Duke Stephano Sansone. His concern has been addressed.

    As he looks at Duke Farid Saquar Greenflame, King Nabuna Zaqaru’s subtle shake, movement of the eyes and twitch make it clear that he believes very little of the noble words spoken by the Duke who stands to gain the most by this agreement, as both the Infinite Republic and the Freeholds border the Whitewynne Sector, where House Greenflame holds the most territory.

    Still, with the concern addressed, King Nabuna Zaqaru once again turns to look at Duke Menard Lacross, Duchess Brechtje Voss and Duke Stephano Sansone, to see what they think. His gaze rests the longest on Duchess Brechtje Voss, whose holdings directly borders that of House Greenflame.

    Spoiler: House Gilkara
    Grand Diplomat Namzara Zaqaru does not reach out again at this time.

    Trader: “So tell me, what is the price for production, then? Zaqaru is interested to have a colony explored, but I would like to know the follow up cost.” There’s a moment of pause, before he continues. “I may have a lead on other parties who could be interested, of far smaller size. Suppose these potential clients have three or less systems, what would be the price charged for developing an explored colony? I would like to know, before this venue is further explored. Similarly, I would like to know the time span of exploration and development, in specific, whether the time span of exploration is short enough that colonisation can be started at the same time?”
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