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I'd been working under the assumption that he was Snackleford.
I sure hope that's not what the Foglios intended. Both before and after Steelgarter has her meeting with Mr. Eyeball, Snackleford is shown to be working with Wooster as the latter investigates the murders. If it was him, he had to slip away from Wooster, take off his goggles (assuming he even could, before becoming a King) and be hanging around in his hidey-hole right when Steelgarter makes her unannounced visit. Plus Mr. Eyeball grumbles about how no one understands his Great Work, while Snackleford has every Spark in the dome enthusiastically assisting him with his abomination summoning.

My prediction is, said Great Work is somehow involved with England's sinking. Mr. Eyeball will turn out to be the guy who started it way back when, or his heir/follower/descendant.