I posted earlier before I had really read through everything and checked up on my QuickTopics.

Sounds like AV claimed they scried some other folk (at least Elenna, The Outsider). They also claimed they scried me, so she's at least lying about one thing (how many scried) if not much more (that she's Accountant). Or she guess right who would be lynched and thus got a scry, if that wolf power works that way, but I don't really understand its mechanics and don't think it could have given a scry Night 1.

Based on how much she lied last game, that doesn't necessarily make me think her a wolf, but, well, my vote is staying on her for now. Especially after last round putting the highest suspicion on her or flyinglemur.


Also, oblivionkeeper never responded to my QuickTopic. Did any of you get a response from him before his demise?