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    12/4/19 - I'm getting to play!
    I'm hoping this will turn into a full Campaign!!
    Odds are looking good!!

    Spoiler: D&D vs Rick and Morty

    Player One: Dwarf (m) Life Cleric

    Player Two: Summer (Sister)
    Half-Elf Fighter.
    (Archer? In a Dungeoncrawl? This got changed to Duelist.)

    I'm Morty:
    (Goblin) Rogue 1.
    Trait: Sucker for a Pretty Face.
    Ideal: Everything is shared (by family only)
    Bond: Lost in Rick's Shadow.
    Flaw: Greedy.

    Morty asks to play D&D - family agrees and Popped into Dungeon by Rick

    Room 1: Five Stirges. Tough fight.

    Room 2: Rick Statues (Morty defaced)

    Room 3: Orcs. Summer shoots elder in chest, and Morty is knocked to Zero HP during fight.
    (Would have been true death, if DM hadn't stopped at first hit dropping Morty!)

    Room 4: Three Goblins, one already dead. Morty discovers that they had been doing an eating contest with Gold Coins.
    Fails his Wisdom Check to resist his flaw, and ends up gutting all three. 400 gp !!

    Needed Long Rest, and had to exit the area.

    paused - might be resuming = TBA
    Game Ended, sadly
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