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    Default Re: Council of Thieves [Bastards of Erebus] (IC)

    The assumption is that to actually see the scythe, Folco moves into the cesspit room. The drunk stumbles forward behind Morosino so as not to be left behind.

    There are noises coming from the northern east passageway.

    Begin Round One ...

    "Morosino," Janiven says while putting away her sword, "Get that light over this way." She steps a few feet to the west and takes out her longbow. "If they are Hellknights, do not kill them. Assault in the sewer can be explained away, but killing a Hellknight might bring in a signifier with magical divination. If you want to get out of here ... Morosino, guide them to the west, looking for the signs."

    R1T19: Gabriella, what do you do? Are you going to stay and encounter whatever is coming from the north? or, go west to try and find the rebel redoubt?
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