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    Default Re: Return of the MTG: Vanishing Three Card Blind - Once upon a time there was a 3CB

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    Ulamog > not-Ghost Quarter by imitating Ghost Quarter a turn late, either with the cast trigger or Annihilator
    I think the ulamog deck is three turns late. You can use Ghost Quarter in your first turn, but with Rushwood Grove, you can pay Channel in your fourth turn only. It still wins against Gauntlet and Tom though.

    If all that's correct, that would make the table like this.
    G B FW TM N
    Gauntlet . LL LL WW LL 6 Isochron EvilBoros
    Bucky WW . WW WW DD 20 GhostQuarter
    Fable Wright WW LL . WW LL 12 UlamogGyre
    Tom the Mime LL LL LL . LL 0 LoxodonSmiter TreetopV
    Ninjaman WW DD WW WW . 20 GhostQuarter

    Please verify these results so that I can announce the winners and ban list and call for submissions for the next round.
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