R1T10: Tia breathes a quick sigh of relief. It's not a Hellknight, so she has much less to be afraid of. Considering her options, she spins her scythe with marvelous dexterity as she shifts her fighting stance into an almost supernatural state, making a quick attack with her excessively large weapon that explodes with light and the sound of glass shattering, but with the wall in her way, her scythe is caught against the wall and hits the thing hard ... but its poop-covered armor stops the blow. As she pulls her blade back to her, she calls out to the drunk. "I won't let you die here alone!!"

R1T9: Another of the little warriors comes down the hallway behind the other.

R1T8: Little Morosino bolts to the west, calling for the other two to wait up. Meanwhile, in the cesspit, the only light now is in the drunkard's hand.

(Morosino is now off-map and out of initiative...)

R1T7: A third warrior thing is heard tramping down the hallway.

R1T6: Folco, you see the sunrod heading west with two of the possibly weaker members of the party and a boy, while the more martial types are holding off a force of small-sized creatures. But the heroes here have only a candle to help them. What do you do?

Janiven on deck, Meijen in the hole ...