Posting this here since Discord is acting up and ate it when I tried to post there. I find it mildly amusing that I feel the need to explain myself for posting actual OOC discussion to the OOC thread.

I'm good with doing the performance (Kelly's no Adrien Zhay but Music is on her Expertise list). I was...kinda thinking we might do something during the performance though. Maybe pull a Fascinate-into-initiative move or some such.

My current first instinct is to try the ol' "lol Rainbow Road" move and if that works roll initiative, but I dunno. Hero Points are very shiny, so it might be preferable go with the flow. Thoughts? I'll admit I am having a bit of difficulty coming up with a reasonable justification for why Kelly wouldn't do that though, since A) letting a crazy reality warper dump you into a pit when you have a very high-probability means of avoiding it is generally a Bad Idea and B) that would mean leaving Adrien alone with the aforementioned crazy reality warper.