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So, in our campaign we have a metal called aetherium. It is inspired by the Rod of Immovability.

Just like the rod, we found a gigantic sphere of this metal in it's immobilized state. The DM ruled that the entire plane, which was a disc, moved through space facing forward and spinning, creating a circular trench around the plane as the immovable sphere resisted it.

When we turn it off, it is now free to interact with the plane as a normal object. Here's the question. How does it interact with the plane?
Does it:
A: do nothing and just sit there?
B: go spinning off like crazy as the spin off the plane transfers energy into it?
C: do something completely different?

Thanks in advance for your insight.
It has its fomer Inertia of trench digging, but now friction catches up to it. This would result in a halt, rather sooner than later. Depending on the trench/sphere etc.
So it gets to 'rest' on the rotating disc.