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Thread: False Hydra encounters?

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    Default False Hydra encounters?

    As the name implies, can you guys share your encounters with False Hydras?

    I'll start things off.

    Not too long ago, my DM gave us our first encounter with a False Hydra. We're pretty high level (about13-18th level), so the DM made sure it was at a stage where it could challenge us while adding extra abilities.
    Anyway, we came to an underground, abandoned city. It was on our list of destinations, so we had to go there in order to get plot-important item(s). I used Greater Prying Eyes to try and see what was there, with orders to report back immediately if detected. They got detected instantly by the False Hydra, so they reported back. We investigated, but because of how late is was getting, we had to turn in for the night. We chose one of the abandoned nobles houses. We found a pair of skeletons in the basement, likely people who got wind of the danger, hid, and slowly starved to death.
    Night came, and we were awakened by our Druid having carved a message into his chest: "IT'S BEEN WATCHING US THIS WHOLE TIME!"
    We also found that the window and door had been bolted shut. So, our druid used stoneshape to get a hole for us to leave. We also noticed an extra pack with shed fur all over it in addition to various items. And of course, we noticed the profound silence.
    Turns out, the pack belonged to an NPC ally we didn't know was traveling with us, helping us out, making things go our way, etc. When we peered through the hole, we saw the monster. the DM called for a DC 40 Planes check; I rolled and beat the DC. Our druid wildshaped into a dragon (thanks to his feat) and let us see the full extent of what we're dealing with.
    It was a long battle, but we prevailed.
    Our deceased ally is someone we've decided to bring back to life. Have to wait until next session, though. He was a Gnoll who followed Pelor.

    The abilities this thing had in addition to what's established are these
    It had the ability to drain spell levels on a successful bite. A will save nulled it.
    It's screech inflicted damage, and another one could leave us either shaken or panicked, depending on how we did on our will saves.
    When it got low enough on HP, it turned green and started dealing a ton of acid damage.
    THIS VERSION HAD 300 HD AND 3600 HP. It had garbage AC, though (5 normal, -2 touch, so roll a not!1)
    It was demonic-based, and it had constant True Seeing. It also means that it would never starve to death, unlike most examples.
    This version wasn't just imperceptible while singing; you could literally walk right through its body without noticing it. It was still there, watching and waiting, but with on way to perceive it or even detect it (not even detect evil worked while singing), it couldn't be attacked even with a stray attack.
    When we slew it, it exploded into a cloud of acid (reflex for half damage).

    Like I said, it was scaled up tremendously and had extra powers.

    I'll add to this post when I can. This isn't the full detail, but I don't have the time to add it all here.
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