If this is not the correct forum, please move this topic. It seems like it fits here better than in what I would summarize as the "arts and crafts" forum.

My 5th Edition Castlevania campaign is going really well, and I have almost everything prepped all the way to the end. Running from level 3 to the end of level 12, it's over 100 pages long (Word, Arial 12, single spaced, including enemy stat blocks). I've already got maps for most areas, a handout, and numerous custom-created statblocks. Feedback from my (experienced) players are that I've done some things that they've thought about doing but never figured out how, like a rotating room, a battle in the middle of a giant ghost waltz, and a non-linear maze area.

Obviously I'd have to file the serial #s off by renaming it from Castlevania to a Transylvanian Castle and change any other names that might properly belong to Konami or any other TM holders.

It'd probably take me another 10-20 hours to add additional notes for other DMs, including how to adapt it for a larger or smaller party (I have a party of 6), or for other campaign settings, edit it, and reformat and consolidate monsters & custom items into their own appendices. At the end of that time, I'd still be looking at a big Word document, plus maps made in Excel.

Is that something that would probably sell at Drivethrurpg or someplace similar, or is the expectation for a lot of fancy graphics and 2-column formatting like you'd see in a WOTC book?