Tager's hammer floated back over to hover behind him again as the Malachord went down. Okay, that was one problem handled. "So, here's the situation. The dig team has encountered a barrier at what they presume is the center of the temple that their equipment is unable to penetrate. Should be something we can get through, I would think." John could teleport, if nothing else. "Once we're in, I think our best move is to try to determine what the thing does, and then...well, we figure out a plan of action from there."

"But...well, I suppose now's the time to ask if there's anyone here who would unilaterally object to altering the mission parameters if it turns out this thing is indeed too dangerous to just hand over to the Vague and Mysterious People who hired us? I'm not saying we have to make a hard decision on that now - maybe the thing is actually some kind of breakthrough medical tech and turning it over to a group of people with the resources to facilitate wide-scale distribution is the best thing we can do or something - but if this thing is or can be used as a superweapon or something, I think we're going to need to consider alternatives. Is everyone on board with that?"