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Thread: The LA-assignment thread VII: LA LA Land

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    You've seen vampiric demons, now get ready for ghoulish demons!

    5 outsider RHD, medium size, reasonable stats (+2 to +6 in most places, with the exception of -2 intelligence). A humanoid shape, with two claws and a bite (all three of which can inflict paralysis for several minutes). DR 10/good and SR 19 are useful defensive characteristics, especially when combined with the general demonic energy resistances.

    Special qualities are interesting. Like barghests, maurezhis can devour their victims, which both destroys their soul and strengthens the fiend. Barghests got an asterisk slapped onto them (with the suggestion to just treat this as an alternative form of advancement), so I will do the same here.

    Additionally, maurezhis get Pounce, the aforementioned paralysis, the ability to summon either ghouls or dretches, and the ability to assume the form of creatures they have eaten (niche, but useful). They also have a number of SLAs, most notable of which are at-will animate death, at-will hold person, at-will invisibility, and 3/day Fear.

    It seems to me that those fiends are comparable to an at-level necromancer cleric, but with less concern for material components, better melee, and less casting flexibility. A LA of +2* is more than fair.
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