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    Default Re: Return of the MTG: Vanishing Three Card Blind - Once upon a time there was a 3CB

    Revealing the decks for Return of Magic: the Gathering 3 card vanishing blind, round 9.

    Gauntlet: Ancient Tomb, Warping Wail, Phyrexian Revoker.
    Fable Wright: Ancient Tomb, Steel Overseer, Hangarback Walker.
    Ninjaman: Rushwood Grove, Obstinate Baloth, Obstinate Baloth.
    Personification: Plains, Mox Jet, Hushbringer.
    Quiddle: Nullhide Ferox, Hollow Trees, Leyline of Lifeforce.
    Tom the Mime: Mox Sapphire, Tropical Island, Research / Development, sideboard Shelldock Isle, Piracy Charm, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

    Tom the Mime's explanation on how his deck works:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom the Mime
    Core idea is to Research everything T1, wait until I draw Shelldock Isle T4 and play it after casting Piracy Charm on myself to discard and shuffle Emrakul, then hiding it away and playing it the next turn. Can also choose to research only the charm if trying to salvage a draw.
    Let me try the easier judgements.
    • Tom wins against Fable, Ninjaman and Quiddle because he can go off with Emrakul. (Update: Fable says this is probably false for Tom vs Fable.)
    • Tom versus Gauntlet. If Gauntlet has first turn, then he plays the Revoker which shuts down the Mox so Tom can't do anything. If Tom has first turn, he can Research first turn, and then doesn't need the Mox anymore, so he wins with Emrakul.
    • Tom versus Personification. The Hushbringer negates Emrakul's extra turn ability, but it's still easily strong enough that Tom wins.

    G FW N P Q TM
    Gauntlet . ?? ?? ?? ?? WL ? WaWail Revoker
    Fable Wright ?? . ?? ?? ?? ?? ? artifact creatures
    Ninjaman ?? ?? . ?? ?? WW ? ObstinateBaloth
    Personification ?? ?? ?? . ?? WW ? Hushbringer
    Quiddle ?? ?? ?? ?? . WW ? NullhideFerox
    Tom the Mime WL ?? WW WW WW . ? Emrakul hideaway
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