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The only thing here I'd consider a bad idea is the survival rate of everyone carrying your gear. That would discourage crafters from giving their product to anyone without an already good track record, leaving fresh or just not all too competent Delvers with only the scraps as the good crafters wouldn't want to ruin their record by supplying a newbie. That certainly would rather unnecessarily inflate casualty rates. I'd limit it to the success rate of partnered Delvers, while allowing and even encouraging you to spread your products to many others without negative repercussions if they don't make it. The easier good gear is available the higher the overall success rate of Delves should be.
Maybe there's a delineating factor of partnered Delvers, sponsored Delvers, and "not-really-associated-but-happens-to-be-carrying-your-gear-as-primary-equipment" Delvers.With a better name for the last one. Or it could just be overall quality of craftsmanship, rather than what it's used for, as the factor. Since someone has to make and enhance the fortifications for Solum and those giant stone blocks used to make the fortress walls aren't going into the Dungeon for Delves.