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Hmmm... That's fair enough. Guess it really is up to the DM how it works.

Still, it's not like that trick is worth it. The investment cost is far, far too high for rather it's returns. Not unless your using 4E homebrew or something... And I don't even know where to find good quality 4e homebrew.
My current Fighter PC has Net Training(attacks slow), World Serpent's Grasp(all slowed opponents hit go prone), Dragging Flail(all proned opponents slide), and Draconic Arrogance.

Basically, do a ton of attacks, reposition opponents into burst 1 areas for the party's blasters/controllers, and I get some good damage from Draconic Arrogance. If I took Flail Expertise, I'd get to prone targets again when they slid from Dragging Flail. And get an extra +5 damage under the non-abusive ruling. And my PC has generally been really effective before I've gotten the benefit of +5 damage from Draconic Arrogance.