The Professorman might not have noticed much about John's armour, his attention was currently occupied by the Malachord lying sprawled on the ground and the idea that he might not be as unconscious as he seemed. Even the fact that he remained utterly silent when the human drove his boot in to his gut didn't completely set his mind at ease, but that didn't mean that nobody noticed...

John had no way of knowing it (though Graff would certainly give that lecture if given half the chance) but to the natives The Precursors were known as the Shining Ones, the gods that came from the sky to build their might temple and well, they had just been saved from a rampaging rock monster from a stranger wearing their armour, what else were they supposed to think?

The plant-creatures approached the Earth man and stood around him in a vaguely triangular formation, their arms held out by their sides whilst the petals on their head shifted to a deep purple and releasing a sickly sweet scent.

"You've heard of me...?" Graff started to reply to John, only to trail off as he took in the strange sight in front of him.