In a quick retort to Pixel, John said: “Every single one of them.” He was glad to hear that someone else was openly voicing the idea of not giving the technology over to their employers. So to Tager and the rest of the group at large, John just came out and was honest. “Look guys, I was never gonna give the Precursor tech to the obviously shady Mos Eisley Cantina mercenary agency and their psychotic pet rocks. Chances are way too high that they’re going to use it themselves or pass it off to someone worse who will use it for reasons that aren’t good. The Peacekeepers want this stuff. I want to study it, catalogue it, take whatever information we can get from it… but I’m not going to pawn it off.”

Tager and Pixel both probably knew that John wanted that tech to maybe try and return home; and that the ancient AI intertwined with his mind wanted John to find and safeguard the technology. It may have seemed suspicious at all that he’d signed onto the job for money to begin with.

John’s discussion died down as the native plant-creatures surrounded him in what certainly looked like something that was hard to place….

“Commander, the native species appears to be performing a group action with some cultural or religious significance.”

Oh, so church. Or a cult.

“Uh… Thank you for the warm greeting.”